Reality TV

Some of the Reality TV you can watch on Stan...

EX On The Beach

Singles are looking for love whilst facing the exes from their past. Who will find romance and who will be left heartbroken?

RuPaul's Drag Race:

Down Under

Hosted by RuPaul, drag queen contestants compete in an elimination-style contest and strut their stuff in a variety of challenges - all to prove that they’ve got what it takes to be Down Under's first Drag Queen Superstar!

Geordie Shore

Join a group of up-for-it lads & lasses with 6 weeks to get on it in Newcastle. It's all about fit bodies, belting nights & going out on the pull. Once you've gone Geordie, there's nee

going back. 4 Seasons available


From the producers of the acclaimed documentary film, Catfish, comes the MTV

series where young couples take their online

romances into the real world.

Season 1 is now available

Love the Beast

Eric Bana casts himself in his perfect role: exploring the meaning of a 25-year-long relationship with his first car, The Beast, and ultimately the importance of the bonds that form through a common passion.

Attenborough at 90: Behind The Lens

As David Attenborough celebrates his 90th birthday, this unique film follows the most

recent decade in an incredible career.

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