TV Shows

Some of the TV Shows you can watch on Stan...


In the sexy, ego-driven world of high finance, two of New York’s most powerful titans are locked in an epic battle. Starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. Season 4 is now available.


This dramedy follows producer Rachel and the crew of a not-so-realistic dating reality show, where convictions are ignored and moral lines blurred. Season 4 is now available.

The Affair

The Affair explores the emotional effects of an extramarital relationship between Noah, a dissolute schoolteacher and novelist, and Alison, a waitress trying to piece her life and marriage back together in the wake of a tragedy. Season 3 is now available.

Romper Stomper

A high stakes political drama that follows a new generation of far right activists, their Anti-Fascist counterparts, and its impact on today’s multicultural society.


When dedicated teacher and family man takes over the school's lackluster theater department, he galvanizes not only the faculty and students, but the entire working-class town. Season 1 is now available.

Ash Vs Evil Dead

When a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, Ash (Bruce Campbell) is forced to face his demons. Season 3 is now available.

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